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Turn Your iOS or Android Device Into A Productive Test & Survey Scanner
Spectrum Support Services

  • Forms - Standard or Custom
  • Reports - Scores and Analysis
  • Data export - CSV, Excel
  • Survey tabulation & analysis
  • Email and Phone Support
Spectrum Mobile Student Assessment & Survey Services

Educators can use their iPhone, iPad or iPod to scan, score & analyze student assessments or course evaluations.   Hours of work reduced to minutes
with 3 easy steps.  Anywhere.  Any time.
Step 1

Print test answer or survey forms on plain paper.
Forms are in PDF file format.
Step 2

Use your smart device and a WiFi ready document scanner (e.g., Fujitsu iXScanSnap)

Finally, use
a scanner app to upload a multi-page PDF to Spectrum Services cloud location for immediate
Step 3

Receive class scores and analysis via email.

PDF reports include item analysis, item statistics, individual student score reports, class frequency.

Custom reports and file formats can be requested (e.g., subtests, Pre/Post, Excel, CSV).
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