Spectrum Professional Survey Services - Get it done in 3 easy steps:

Step 1
Let our design experts prepare a paper survey questionnaire to your specifications.  We will email the approved form
to you in PDF format.

Step 2
Print the form on your local laser printer, as many as you need when you need them.

Step 3
Mail the completed forms to Spectrum. Spectrum will tabulate the data and promptly email back a complete item
analysis, comment report, data file and custom reports as required.

Please call 800-390-1125 or email
info@spectrumsolve.com today for more information about this cost effective and
simple approach to data collection.
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Bundled Solutions
If you require an on-site solution, Spectrum can configure a data collection workstation, install forms and provide
training that fits your volume and budget.  

Scan plain paper surveys or tests and get immediate data analysis.

Remark OMR® data collection software,with over 50,000 installations
worldwide, provides researchers and educators with a fast, cost effective way
to collect and analyze data.  

Survey questionnaires, test answer forms, or combination of both, can be designed using popular software such as
Microsoft Word.  Forms are laser printed on-demand, as many as are needed when they are needed.  Once
completed, the forms are scanned using a document scanner or multifunctional scanner (scan and print). Locally
installed on a PC, Remark Optical Mark Recognition software will automatically read the scanned images and
recognize marks (filled bubbles), text characters and bar codes.

The software will analyze the data and place a series of reports in a folder on the PC desktop. Please see the sample
report links in the left side bar.

Also, for larger jobs, Spectrum offers
custom print and fulfillment services.  

Key benefits:

Spectrum support:

Spectrum has over thirty years of document scanning and data collection experience. We offer one of the
broadest ranges of support services for Remark OMR software available today. Professional services are tailored to
meet our client's specific needs and include:

  • End user training - Spectrum’s Basic and Advanced on-site training sessions are designed to fit busy
    schedules and are tailored for each account
  • Installation
  • Forms design
  • Automation and technology integration
  • Unwind vendor lock-in situations
  • Consulting and training till go-live
  • On-site software support and Remark Help Desk support
  • Bundle scanner hardware and maintenance when needed
  • Solution documentation

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Survey Pro (STL)
Survey System (DAT)
ASCII [commas] (ASC)
ASCII [tabs] (ASC)
Spreadsheet [commas]
Spreadsheet [tabs]
Lotus 1-2-3 (WK1, WK3, WK4)
Report (RPT)
DIF Files (DIF)
LXR Test (MRG)
Access 2000-2003 (MDB)
Access 95-97 (MDB)
Access 2.0 (Access 1.0)
CCI Assessment
dBase 5.0 (DBF)
dBase IV (DBF)
dBase III (DBF)
Excel 97-2003 (XLS)
Excel 95 (XLS)
Excel 4.0 (XLS)
Excel 3.0 (XLS)
Paradox 5.X (DB)
Paradox 4.X (DB)
Paradox 3.X (DB)
Custom Text File
  • No need to install a proprietary mark recognition scanner or commit to ordering
    expensive pre-printed forms year after year
  • Use popular software for forms design - Microsoft Word
  • Eliminate delays, get immediate analysis for timely feedback
  • Labor savings –hours of tedious calculations and data entry reduced to minutes
  • Generates graphical color reports
  • Open architecture - Works with document scanners and multifunctional devices
  • Data can also be exported to SPSS, Excel and over 35 formats
  • Performs other data collection tasks including HR exams and student
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